I'm Yukio Kevin Iraha. Visual Artist specializes in two dimensional art.

Yukio Kevin Iraha's Bio:

If Yukio Kevin Iraha had one goal in life, it would be so that he could keep on making art until he expires. Born creative, he's never concerned much about his creation be well received or not. His work may or may not be easily understood, but Yukio Kevin Iraha's art tells a story. A story that may or may not make sense. A lot of them are the memory of a past. It's anyone's past. His source of inspiration include cultural, history, and or folk tales. The themes Yukio Kevin Iraha mixes when he create art are personal experiences or an imagination. They may be abstract and less clear or more concrete when he creates. Some ideas comes from watching a comedy show which he believes is a source of tension relief. His recent comic strips, "Nine Bits," is a series of mischievious episodes of nine ghosts. The strip was based on one of his paintings, "A Ghosts of Funnies Revisited, " a nine children lined up, dressed in a clown outfit. He has a degree in Fine Art but has worked in commercial art field as well. His contributions include illustrations to Northwest Airline in-flight magazine, Jazz Times magazine, and various other projects. He has shown painting among other art widely and through online. Acrylic is his primary medium but he has incorporated odd objects like antique woods, and or paper mache for three dimensional sculptures. His subject matters are sometimes ambiguous, but one thing he doesn't compromise is earnestness in process of making and end results of art. He clearly believes there is a line between fraud and true form of art. He says, "A motives are important. While we may or may not know artists' true intent in making art, once the work is out there, it's open for all sorts of interpretation and criticism. Everyone of which becomes reality check whether you like it or not."

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Art, craft, impressionism, expressionism, modern art, silent film, antiques, drawing, painting, theater, architecture, interior design, music, ambient, spirituality, environment, culture, history, cartoon, visual communications, graphic design, art history